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2014-09-15 -
10K Traffic Weekly Site News

Hello 10K Members, I hope you had a great week.  We are running less sites surfed this week than last week, I need all my members kicking in and surfing some this week, daily if possible. I really need all members helping out so we can raise those numbers. There are plenty of bonuses and as we turn up the network volume, you will be wanting to have plenty of credits to keep your sites showing here and on the network.

I know it may be awhile before I can afford to put social on 10K but it is a goal. Check out our sites with the Social Branding module.

TES 2.1 Social Branding Sites

The power of the social branding sites is great and I can't wait to get it here on Funny Farm. Right now, there are four TES 2.1 Sites running the social branding module.

Intelligent Traffic  Splash Page Hits  Total Drama Traffic  MadMan Surf

TES 2.1 is doing Pre Built Sites again and Social is available for all TES 2.1 sites and the modules are already available to current site owners and if you buy a pre built site you can now buy the social module and add it to the site for a few dollars more.

Right Now, there is One Site Available Ready for Purchase - Surf Panther

Network Manual Traffic Exchange - Banner, Mini Banner and Text Ad Exchange, Basic Graphics and Site Set Up with the Domain Name Included.

A $410.00 Value - On Sale Now - Click Here !

A New Service You Should Check Out !

Have a business or group and want to stay in contact, this service is for you. Recommending sites for you to join is something you don't see me do often but I don't mind recommending things that are useful to my members, this is not a paid ad. I know the site owner and expect a great level of service and plenty of great features.

InterOffice.US - Private Secure E-Mail / File Sharing

Weekly Traffic Stats

Our active members surfed a total of 258,524 pages this week we were down just 7,000 or so site views this week. We need to do better, if you can help, please surf some daily. the graph below shows our daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Sep 14:   1391
Sep 13:   1609
Sep 12:   1563
Sep 11:   1631
Sep 10:   1261
Sep 09:   1444
Sep 08:   1353

10K Traffic Site Special

This will be the Last 100K Credit special for 2014, I will not use this again until after the first of the year so don't wish you had them when we start up the network volume.

You Must Be Logged In To Take This Offer

10K Member Log In - 10K Traffic Credit Special

Make sure you surf as much as possible, use banners and text ads, add sites to manual and surf some manual and lets make this the best site ever. Have a great week and thanks for being a valued member of 10K Traffic.
Ronda Hillman - 10K Traffic Admin

2014-09-10 -
10K Traffic Weekly News

Hello and Welcome to the 10K Traffic News Page. I would like to welcome all of our new members and I hope you like the service. We are heading into the busiest time of the year for online marketing. Fall and Winter keep people inside and online more and there are also the added holidays that people spend online so marketing now is important.

10K Traffic is an Activity based Exchange. That means that we don't care about the member numbers as a bragging tool, we care about quality traffic. We delete all duplicate accounts, cheaters and rule breakers without batting an eye whether they are surfing or not. We are a network site and we care about quality above all else.

Manual Surfing on 10K

We really need some manual surfers to help us deliver those manual hits. You can switch from auto to manual right in the surf frame and if you can, please try to add some manual sites and surf some manual each day. We are on a network and the sites you add to manual are seen on a lot of other sites and when you surf manual, you are seeing sites from those exchanges as well.

New TES 2.1 Site for Sale !

I have been so busy it has been awhile since I made a pre built exchange for sale. As we head into the season and start growing the network, I may be too busy to do a lot of pre built sites as people start buying more software during the colder months. Whether you are looking for a new hobby, a way to make a few extra bucks or a way to advertise your other sites to lots of people through the network, this site will not last long.

Surf Panther

Set up as a manual only site with a text ad and banner exchange as well as a mini banner exchange. This is a $200.00 Surf System with three $50.00 Exchange Modules, basic graphics, site set up and the domain name is included. A $410.00 value on sale for $275.00 and it includes the network hookup to the Manual Traffic Exchange Network. Click Here to Visit Surf Panther Now !

Weekly Traffic Stats

Our active members surfed a total of 265,153 pages this week. I need all members surfing daily to help us boost things as I turn up the network volume. the graph below shows our daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Sep 07:   1483
Sep 06:   1444
Sep 05:   1556
Sep 04:   1608
Sep 03:   1589
Sep 02:   1555
Sep 01:   1224

That is all I have for now but please be sure and surf all you can this week. Have a great week and thanks for being a valued member of 10K Traffic.
Ronda Hillman - 10K Traffic Admin

2014-09-02 -
10K Traffic Site News

Welcome to all our new members and thanks for joining us here at 10K. It has been a long summer and I am ready to get back to work and pump up the network volume and get this site smoking for the busy online months. The beginning of fall signals the start of a lot of online promotions and sales and the best time to market whatever you are doing is when the most eyes are online. I know we are twice as busy in the fall and winter months.

Thanks to Our Admin Team

I would like to take a minute to thank our admin team and especially Don White who carried the whole load of daily site work all summer long. Thanks Don, Awesome Job. You can join Don's sites at Clicks a Go Go and My-Traffic-Exchange for some of the best manual network traffic around and you can count on the same level of quality.

Weekly Traffic Stats

We surfed a little over 250,000 pages this week but you can expect that to pick up as we get all our members active and pick up lots more new members. The graph below shows our daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Aug 31:   1517
Aug 30:   1276
Aug 29:   1524
Aug 28:   1324
Aug 27:   1357
Aug 26:   1090
Aug 25:   935

Fall Credit Top Off Special

With the busiest time of the year starting, are you set for credits ? Now is the time to top off your credits and this week's special gives you a chance I guarantee you will not see again this year. Get 100,000 credits for the price of 50,000 and save $20.00.

You Must Be Logged In to take This Special.

Click Here to Log In - Click Here to Save Now !

You will be getting your weekly stats e-mails on Monday or Tuesday each week and we will try to come up with some things to make surfing a little more fun. Have a great week and thanks for being a member of 10K Traffic.
Ronda Hillman - 10K Traffic Admin
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