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2014-11-17 -
10K Traffic Weekly News

Hello Again from the 10K Traffic Admin Team. I hope you had a great week and thanks for taking the time to read the news. We are building something real with NWT and the Networks with 10K Traffic included. We keep a clean membership at the cost of bragging about our member numbers, I like surfers that are actually able to read the pages. If you have been thinking about getting into a TE Site of your own, at least take a look at the TES 2.1 Software, add a Module builder and build a unique site, set yourself apart.

We make a site earn their modules and 10K has not earned a framework module jut yet but with you guy help, upgrading, buying credits and surfing, 10K will make it before some of the other sites as far as the module builder goes but I would love one here.
AMR Surf Rewards

If you are looking for something worth surfing for, along with the network ad system you are getting, AMR Rewards are Real Rewards that Never Go Away. Imagine having a 5 page hosted website, building downlines, earning credits and promoting you and your social connections hosted forever for you just because you surfed and earned it.

The nice thing about being able to give you the AMR Rewards is they are ALL different. After this AMR Reward, this particular AMR Pro Marketing Site will no longer be available and the next reward will be built, it may be a splash page, an auto responder page or a huge downline builder, maybe even a single social branding page, it is both nice and fun to be in a unique group that marches to it's own beat with honesty and transparency and uses things we think up without copying them from others.

Surf 25,000 Pages Manual Network Pages at 10K by Jan, 1st, 2015 and You Get a

FREE 5 Page AMR Pro Marketing Website Forever !
TES 2.1 Software Sales Site

I spent some time updating the TES 2.1 Site with a new look and some new info since the release of the New Social Framework Module Builder. The new look is complete and I will be adding examples of all the things you can do with the new module builder.

You can see them across our sites like Intelligent Traffic, Total Drama Traffic, Splash Page Hits and others. The idea that you can buy one addition for your TES 2.1 site ($300.00) and build all the socially integrated, affiliate integrated modules you want is a game changer. Being forced to have a cookie cutter site that looks and works like all the others is really not what we want for our customers.

I have no problem saying that the cheap scripts where you need a coder to add modules are now dead for all intents and purposes. The TES 2.1 Affiliate Program is now open to qualified members of the allowed countries.

Traffic Exchange Software TES 2.1
TES 2.1 Demo Site

I have been working hard to show people looking for a traffic exchange all the possibilities with the unique TES 2.1 Software. I have retooled the Traffic Exchange Software Site and am working on sprucing up the Demo Site so you can see what it can do. If you have not checked out the Demo Site, click below and check it out. Remember, I can build custom systems for you with social integration, affiliate and auto responder integration with the New Social Framework Module Builder which can be added to any TES 2.1 Site for $300.00 and I build your first custom mod Free !

TES 2.1 Traffic Exchange Software Demo Site
Weekly Traffic Stats

Our active members surfed a total of 190,856 pages this week, up about 14,000 pages this week, we have to keep up the growth by surfing. We are sending approx 7,000 of your pages a day out across the network for better quality. The graph below shows the daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Nov 16:   1185
Nov 15:   1742
Nov 14:   967
Nov 13:   1184
Nov 12:   1009
Nov 11:   1027
Nov 10:   897
That is all I have for now, I hope you took advantage of the weekly sales as I will not be doing them weekly the rest of the year as I ramp up for the busy sales season on the sites and both Traffic Exchange Software and the Business End at NWT Websites. I will try to have some special surf sessions but I will be designing AMR Rewards and it will be a very busy winter her at 10K Traffic. Please remember to manual surf daily and help us grow the manual network. Have a great week and thanks for being a valued member of 10K Traffic.
Ronda Hillman - 10K Traffic Admin
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AMR Participating Site
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