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2014-10-20 -
10K Traffic Weekly Site News

Hello and Welcome once again to our weekly site news. I have a lot going on this week so this will not be too long of a news posts. with so many sites and so much coming up, I am going to be very busy. I will be announcing next the biggest reward for you, the people that read this, the people that surf and help us grow. I think you are going to love it, I can't give you active members all the news but the rewards are coming and I think you are already seeing changes that reward you for what you do on 10K each day.
New Progressive Surf Offers and Prize Pages

I have added some progressive surfing rewards for the surfers to get more rewards. In keeping with the theme of the 10K Site, I used Healthy Foods, fruits and vegetables in the theme. Collect the healthy foods for rewards. I added many more prize pages and made them much easier to see so get all those prize pages while surfing.

Watch the Third Frame for the Offers while Surfing.
Direct-Traffic - Supporting 10K Traffic Members

Direct-Traffic is supporting our members and I will be making a plug for them more and more as we grow. Our members sites are seen in their manual and auto surf rotations as well and all the network sites. All Direct-Traffic shows is Network Sites 24/7/365. You will also see their adds running on all of our sites in all surf frames and throughout the sites.

The Original No Surf Advertising System !
Weekly Traffic Stats

Our active members surfed a total of 222.295 pages this week up about 8,000 pages this week- Awesome Work and Thank you all, we have to keep up the growth by surfing. We are sending approx 7,000 of your pages a day out across the network for better quality. The graph below shows the daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Oct 19:   1431
Oct 18:   1291
Oct 17:   1320
Oct 16:   1117
Oct 15:   877
Oct 14:   1145
Oct 13:   986
10K Traffic Site Special

Get 500 Manual Site Credits for $8.00 - This Week Only !
Ends - 10-27-2014
With all the manual activity on the networks, the launch of the network surfing and more manual activity on 10K make these Credit Specials worth Much More.....

Must Be Logged In to Take this Special !

10K Member Log In - 10K Traffic Credit Special
That is all I have for now, enjoy the new rewards and be sure to come back next week for the announcement that will change the way you see traffic. Thank you for being an active 10K Member and I have something great coming your way.
Ronda Hillman -10K Traffic Admin

2014-10-13 -
10K Traffic Weekly Site News

Hello Runners, The Marathon Continues  Here at 10K Traffic. I hope you all are having a great time here at 10K, I know it has been a busy week at all NWT sites. I have been so busy making changes to announce this week everywhere that will make everything better for us all. I will explain the changes below but they will have little adverse effect on members. I know it will make everything much easier for us all.
Changes to 10K Traffic

I have turned off the banner and text ad exchanges here at 10K Traffic and opted to use the new Direct-Traffic Service for the exchange for almost all of our sites. This means that your banner and text ad credits here will power your banners and text ads on site and they will not be shown off site in any way. There is no longer a code to place on your sites to earn credits, the exchanges are closed never to reopen. Your text ads and banners are still here and will still be used in the surf frame and on the site but this is the only place you will see the 10K House Ads. We are now a network auto/manual traffic exchange with on site text ads and on site banner, mini banner ads.
The NWT Tide is Rising - Will it Lift Your Boat ?

It has been a long time coming but now surfers can now see your sites on the network surf. With the launch of the Network Surfing at Direct-Traffic, all the members that come in and surf for credits to show ads will see your sites you put in 10K Traffic. You will be seeing text ads and banners from Direct-Traffic at 10K now as it will be the official network ad system. Ads from Direct-Traffic are shown on all of our sites in the surf frames and throughout the site and they are full exchanges so people can earn credits by showing the Direct-Traffic Ads as well.

Your Boat Can be Surf Panther - Get $100.00 off with the coupon NWTTIDESP

Click Here to See, Purchase and or Join Surf Panther !
3 Days Only !

Direct-Traffic is our answer to surfing the networks and a network ad system.  members join Direct-Traffic and can surf the 66 sites on the manual network, earn manual credits and convert them to network text/banner credits at a rate of 1 manual credit gets 10 banner/text credits. They can also surf the 30 sites on the NWT Auto Network and earn regular credits that can be converted to banner and text ad credits at a rate if 10 regular credits gets 1 banner/text ad credit.

The ads now show to the active members of 13 active exchanges in the surf frames and on the sites and they show as the only on site ads at both networks as those on site ad systems have been turned off. It does two things for us here, it makes it where more unique people will see your site and you can join and add banners and text ads that will show throughout our network and beyond as site owners get on board.

The Original No Surf Advertising System !
Weekly Traffic Stats

Our active members surfed a total of 222,299 pages this week down 41,00 pages this week and I have faith that we will do even better this week. We are sending approx 10,000 of your pages a day out across the network for better quality. The graph below shows the daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Oct 12:   866
Oct 11:   975
Oct 10:   942
Oct 09:   865
Oct 08:   1035
Oct 07:   1054
Oct 06:   1025
10K Traffic Site Special

This week I have a Special Private Message Box  at a Price You Can't Miss ! 600  for the Price of $5.00 Special . you can send a private message to all members, see if they open it and send a link to promote your site. It costs one credit to send a message but replies are feee so have a conversation, network and learn the system

Ends 10-19-2014

You Must Be Logged In To Take This Offer

10K Member Log In - 10K Traffic Credit Special
Please remember to surf daily and surf manual to help us out, your sites go out on all the network sites. Have a great week, enjoy the awesome special and thank you for surfing 10K Traffic.
Ronda Hillman - 10K Traffic Admin
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